Contemplative Outreach of northern California

Our Mission is to help all interested persons and groups start and deepen a contemplative prayer practice. We accomplish our mission in the following ways:

  • Introduction to Centering Prayer. Trained and experienced workshop presenters introduce people to  the method of Centering Prayer, usually in a 6 hour workshop in one day. Trained group leaders offer support to the new practitioners with a five week introduction to the conceptual framework of Centering Prayer and an experience of group practice.  
  • To develop leaders, we train persons to teach and effectively share the gift of Centering Prayer as introductory workshop presenters and ongoing Centering Prayer groups leaders. 
  • We promote Centering Prayer groups throughout northern California where you may practice Centering Prayer with other people and share your spiritual journey with others and help others in their own journey.  
  • Extensive outreach to prisoners within northern California.  
  • Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. is developing resources in Spanish and a team of native Spanish speakers is already at work.  We aim to reach out to Spanish speaking people when there are enough resources. For example, the method of Centering Prayer has been translated into Spanish
  • Production of a newsletter which keeps members of the network informed of activities in their area.  We post the newsletter to this Web site and inform readers that it is now on the web site and we also mail paper copies.  To sign up for the Web based newsletter or the paper version, please sign our guestbook.

We identify with the Christian contemplative heritage.  We also recognize that some people who identify with other contemplative or religious traditions may feel an affinity with Centering Prayer and its conceptual framework.  Thus,  we actively welcome all interested persons and groups to our events. We never proselytize;  rather we rely on the integrity and strength of the practice to attract people.   

We fully support the principles and mission of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., the non-profit service organization which shares Centering Prayer throughout the world.  We are a local group or chapter affiliated with this international network.  The full text of the principles and vision of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd is available.

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