Seven day intensive and post-intensive retreats in Idaho.

Ten day intensive and post-intensive Centering Prayer retreat at Mercy Center, Burlingame
Ten day intensive and post intensives at St. Benedict Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado

Intensive retreats provide a chance to deepen practice through praying for about three - five hours a day in a silent atmosphere and to understand through experience this more intense experience the conceptual framework of Centering Prayer.  Here in northern California, we aim to provide not only an annual intensive experience lasting 7 - 10 days but also shorter easily affordable retreats. 



Seven day intensive retreats in Idaho

Alta Retreat Center, Driggs, Idaho 

Due to difficulty in securing a suitable residential facility, ARC has had to temporarily suspend programs for the immediate future. We are, however, able to offer private directed Centering Prayer Retreats for those who may be interested in this type of program.

If you would like detailed information regarding this possibility please call Rev. Sandy Casey-Martus at 307-353-8100 for information.

These retreats are one-on-one and are planned individually with each participant according to need, experience, and availability. Retreat guests are housed off-campus in condominium accommodations. The condo has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and is within walking distance.

Maximum at one time is 3 for any week. The registration fee is $55 per day. Food is "on your own." Fees include interviews in preparation and designing your program, lodging and private direction. Three references are required and participants need to be responsible meditators and committed to the program. Transportation to and from the airport follows our permanent guidelines of $40 each way from either Jackson Hole or Idaho Falls. Please call if this suits your needs.


Ten day intensive and post-intensive Centering Prayer retreat  Mercy Center, Burlingame


10-Day Intensive & Post-Intensive

May 21— May 30, 2006
Sunday 5 pm—Tuesday 9 am
Lorita Moffatt, RSM, and
Suzanne Toolan, RSM

INTENSIVE: Enter into a more profound level of spiritual practice in an atmosphere of silence and community. The 10-day intensive is designed to intensify one’s discipline and practice of Centering Prayer as it also provides a conceptual framework for the prayer. It is for those with some experience in Centering Prayer.
POST-INTENSIVE: Running concurrently with the 10-day Centering Prayer Retreat, this retreat is for those who have previously made a 10-Day Intensive. There will be increased silence and increased periods of Centering Prayer. COST: $695 / $610 Commuter

To register, call Mercy Center at 650.340.7474

Ten day intensive and post intensives at St. Benedict Monastery,  Snowmass, Colorado

Retreats are offered monthly at St. Benedict Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado. Further Information and registration is available.  Cost  8-Day: $550 Double, $600 Single  10-Day: $650 Double, $700 Single

March 7-16, 2006 10-Day Post Intensive(Amarillo)
April 25-May 4, 2006 10-Day Post Intensive
May 16-25, 2006 10-Day Intensive
June 13-22, 2006 10-Day Intensive
August 1-10, 2006 10-Day Post Intensive
September 5-14, 2006 10-Day Intensive
October 3-12, 2006 Training Retreat to Serve 10-Day Intensives
November 3-10, 2006 8-Day Post Intensive
November 13-20, 2006 8-Day Post Intensive
December 5-14, 2006 10-Day Post Intensive
January 9-18, 2007 10-Day Intensive
February 6-15, 2007 10-Day Advanced
March 5-14, 2007 10-Day Post Intensive(Amarillo)
April 17- 26, 2007 10-Day Post Intensive
May 15-24, 2007 10-Day Intensive
June 19-28, 2007 10-Day Intensive
July 31-August 9, 2007 10-Day Post Intensive
September 11-20, 2007 10-Day Intensive
October 9-18, 2007 Training Retreat to Serve 10-Day Intensives
November 2-9, 2007 8-Day Post Intensive
November 12-19, 2007 8-Day Post Intensive
December 4-13, 2007 10-Day Post Intensive

All retreats are held at Snowmass unless otherwise noted. We encourage you to consider being on a waiting list for any of the retreats, since we reguarly have cancellations and some retreatants do get into every session from the waitlist. To include your name on any waitlist please contact Carol DiMarcello, 3550 Capitol Creek Road, Snowmass, CO 81654, 970-927-9376, or email

St. Benedict's Monastery

Retreat Center: 970-927-1162
Bro. Chuck, Retreat House Guestmaster
Best time to call: between 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Holy Week Retreat
Centering Prayer Triduum Retreat


April 13—16, 2006
Thursday 6 pm—Sunday 10 am
COST: $195 / $165 Commuter

To register, fill out the form.